Pleasant Surprises

From May 17

What a difference 20 minutes can make…. this morning GranGran was not a happy camper. To sum it up, she was pretty much ticked that she hadn’t died any other day this week. She “had never been more miserable” in her life, and just wishes I would drop her off back in Mayfield so she could find her little hole, not bother anyone and die. Well, GranGran, you can’t afford a hole in Mayfield, and God hasn’t decided to let you die. So, buck up. As I had dropped by drawers to step into the shower, one of GranGran’s brother’s called and said he was coming by for a visit! How fun!!! His daughter lives about 5 miles from me, and they had come down to visit her. So, I run out to tell Gran to get dressed and I take a “Marine Core” shower and throw my clothes on, just in time for Billy, Beula, Carolyn Ann, and Jessica to come in. They stayed for a short visit about 20 minutes or so. It was absolutely a game changer for GranGran. Seriously, it totally changed her demeanor. After they left she decided to go to church with us. (First time since she has been here that she felt like it.) Cracked me up that she didn’t even bother to fix her hair and shower, she just loaded up and rolled out. After church we had lunch, then she went to the grocery with me. (I totally could have lived without taking an 8 year old and 81 year old to the grocery; but so glad that GranGran wanted to come.) Once we came home from the grocery, she folded clothes. So, today, we are thankful for surprise blessings.

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