Our Real Jobs

Our lives are grand and fabulous on most days….. but the other 5-6 days a week we have to have real jobs to support our lifestyle. Let’s just say raising 2 kids, a dog and a grandma ain’t cheap….

Misty is a third generation realtor. After staying home with her first child in 2006, she decided it might be time to take a run at the long time family business. It just seemed to fit her lifestyle and personality. After searching for the right real estate brokerage, she decided to open her own. JPW&C Realty, Inc. officially opened for business in November 2007. Misty continued to work “part time” and hired a principal broker. In 2008 the Woodford’s got a baby boy for Christmas, and Misty starting pursuing her principal broker’s license. In 2010 Misty took over as the firm’s principal broker, and began working on a more full time basis. The company continued to grow and Misty hired additional agents.

In 2016, the market was exploding, the company was growing. And, it was at a point that things had to change. In deciding what direction was best, Misty made the decision to merge JPW&C Realty with Benchmark Realty, LLC. The signs and business cards changed, but the mission and vision, and way of doing business are very much the same. Since that time, Misty became a managing broker with a firm in downtown Nashville, and has since came back home to work in downtown Franklin with Daniel-Christian Real Estate. We primarily serve the Williamson County and surrounding areas market. Yet, regardless of whether you’re looking for an agent in Mayfield, KY; Sacramento, CA; or Knoxville, TN; we can hook you up with someone that will serve you with our same standard of care.

One of the best parts, is often getting to work with her husband Jeff. Jeff is a contractor, specializing in residential remodel work. The largest portion of his business is painting. However, they can redo your kitchen or bathroom, finish out the basement, add a deck, or whatever you desire. Married to a realtor, he can tell you the items you need to “fix up” in order to get your home market ready as well. Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the industry. He not only knows how to do the job, he has had unique training with multiple product manufactures and truly understands what he is using to do the job.

You can check out more about our companies and see how we do business by checking out our websites. Visit us at:

http://www.mistywoodford.com or http://www.jpwoodfordco.com

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