I consider myself a typical Southern wife and mother. My husband and I got married, 2 years later we had our first child (a girl), 2 years later we had our second child (a boy), and my dream of having four kids came to a screeching halt. I figured God gave me one of each, that was my sign for the party to be over. I stayed at home full time with my children while they were young. As they got older I began working part time, and now that they are both in school; I am a full time real estate broker.

We thrive on chaos and busy. It doesn’t work for all families, but it suits us well. Most of the time anyway….. We’re blessed. Living the upper middle class dream, living in the wealthiest county in the state, and according to many reports, one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. We have access to fabulous amenities and the best school systems.

We had life made! Until, one day, my life really did a complete flip. I got a phone call that my perfectly healthy, very young mother, was in the hospital. Less than 24 hours later, she died. The grief that came from that moment was absolutely unexplainable. I am a very prepared person. I have a plan A, B, and C for just about every situation in my life. I had absolutely no plan for losing my mother at this point in my life. She was my wing man. She was the glue that held me together.

Not only did I lose my mom, I gained a responsibility. As the only child of an only child, I got Grandma. For the first 15 months after Mom died, she continued to live on her own. It became increasing clear that was no longer an option, so we had to make a decision. What now? Considering she didn’t have long term care insurance, I don’t have an extra $6000 a month, and I feel like it is Biblically my responsibility to care for her if I can, we decided to move her in with us.

And so now, our typical southern family…. Two Kids, A Dog, and Along Came Grandma….

Updated…. Life always has at least one more bend in the road, doesn’t it?

In April 2017 Grandmother began her final descent. After spending 3 weeks in hospice care, she went home to be with Jesus.

Just when we were getting back to a normal life, and establishing our identity as a family of 4 once again, a worldwide pandemic hit. A year into the pandemic, it destroyed our world. On February 10, 2020 my husband, Jeff, was diagnosed with COVID-19. He was hospitalized on February 16, transferred to a higher care facility March 4, and passed away on March 22. I haven’t been able to share many of our stories in the last year because life was too much to record. But, I hope to look back on those stories as our hearts heal and continue to share our journey.

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