Finding little treasures

It’s been a rather uneventful, eventful few days. I feel like we are all getting more into routine and adjusted to each other’s quirks now. I am trying to get grandmother out more, and keep her up past 4:00pm. Last night she really wanted to go watch LK dance. After sitting in a dance studio over 3 hours, and not getting home until 8:00, I am pretty sure that won’t happen again…
Gran is really enjoying the kids being home this week. They are the key to her keeping it together. She definitely has better days when they are around more. Today Sam napped for about 3 hours and LK went to play with a friend, and she commented on how much she missed them.
Tomorrow is a big day! We go see the bone specialist to see if there is anything we can do about her broken ribs and vertebrae. If they don’t give her some good pain meds, they are going to have to knock one or both of us in the head. I really hope we can get some kind of brace or support to help re-adjust how she carries her weight. Hopefully hearing the doctor say that this is a 3-4 month recovery will make it sit in better. Multiple times a day she tells me she still doesn’t feel better, I explain how long it takes bones to heal, and she doesn’t believe me. Please join me in praying she will listen to the doctor (it’s a female and she isn’t a big fan; from the last name I am guessing she isn’t Caucasian, which is going to make matters even worse); and that we get a workable treatment plan.
For the most part, Grandmother being a pack rat has absolutely driven me crazy!! We have papers, bills, bank statements and the like that are well over 30 years old that I am still trying to get rid of. But, tonight, I found a treasure….. A note I had written to my Grandmother and PawPaw, thanking them for a trip we had just been on. So bittersweet, love those memories and so sad my kids won’t experience that….

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