Grandma has a potty mouth….

From October 20

I’m working on a post about intentionality and pursuit, but obviously Satan doesn’t want me to post it, because everything I get ready to write it out, something comes up or I am mentally distracted to the point I can’t do it justice, so I don’t do it at all. So, while you’re desperately waiting on that serious post to make you go hmmmm, here is a funny post.
Grandma has been doing awesome on her Celexa and Aricept. We had a couple of really good weeks. Now, we’ve had 3 really, really bad days. Saturday night we took her with us to get family pictures made. That actually went okay. I think she liked the idea of being included even if she did gripe about being cold the whole time. Sunday morning she even went to church with us and that was good. But, by Sunday early afternoon she was a pistol. Just like a switch flipped and she was angry.
Yesterday was a lot of 3 year old type tantrums. Nothing to serious, just fist clinching, foot stopping, I need you to know I’m mad fits. Well, and the fact she hit me. At this very moment, I can’t even remember what I did to make her mad that she hit me. Maybe I need some Aricept. I’m sure it was about her medicine, as 99.9765% of all frustrations circle around her medicine. Anyway, she was mad, she had a fit, I said one more word when I should have shut up, and she punched at me. I moved, so it was more like a light brushing, but the intent was still there on her part.
Today, was my first day back at a full day’s work in 11 days. My kids have been on fall break, so I’ve just had to work around the house and be gone for short stints. So, being gone all day today, i knew she’d be wound up. So far tonight, her tantrums have been the normal stomping and fist clinching in addition to telling the neighbor to “Kiss her Shit”, telling me I was “the meanest pile of shit she’d ever met.” telling me she was “so pissed at me she could spit in my eyeballs”. My jaws are bleeding I have had to bite them so hard to keep from laughing in her face. I shouldn’t laugh at her. But, it brought back memories of my childhood. She taught me my first cuss word. I still remember the stories of my mom telling me every time I dropped something I’d say well shit in the best 2 year old voice I could muster, because that is what grandmother would say.
She missed her lunch dose of medicine today. So, I had to “reschedule” her evening doses to get everything in, yet not take it too close together. She wanted her bedtime medicine as soon as she had supper medicine, which she can’t do because the medicines react negatively together even though taken over an hour apart, they help her. She was not happy. She went into a fit about not being a dope addict and I wasn’t a doctor and I needed to quit talking to her like a 3 year old….. When I finally gave her medicine and told her she could take it and go to bed, she says, “Nope, I am going to set up the whole damn night just to piss you off.” Well, alrighty then! You just set your happy ass up all night. But, I’ll be going to bed.
So, moral of the story is, if you’re having a bad day. Just tell someone to “kiss your shit” maybe it makes you feel like you have a little more control in life. I wouldn’t advise punching them, that could cost you $135 in court costs for misdemeanor assault charges.

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