A field trip to the hospital

From October 25

I have been suspicious the last week or so that Grandmother may have an UTI. With dementia patients, UTIs send them into orbit. It sounds crazy, but just ask anyone who has dealt with it, and they will confirm this is legit. Well, today after church I had taken Sam to Target to buy a toy (with his own money). When I got home, Grandmother informed me of some bleeding she’d been having and we felt like the only solution was the ER. Of course these things don’t happen on a Tuesday morning at 10am…..
So, after a couple hours in the ER and a few tests later, the doctors decide to admit her for diverticulitis. That’s a no fun colon problem and tends to cause blood in places you really shouldn’t have blood. You’ll have to google it if you want any more info than that. To help control the bleeding, the doctors felt like they should take her off her coumadin (blood thinner) for a day or two. Because she has an artificial valve her INR (blood thickness) must be monitored real closely. So, she’ll have to stay in the hospital with some really sexy leg pumps to help avoid blood clots. In addition to this diverticulitis problem, she has a respiratory problem. As much as I didn’t have this planned today, it came at a great time. Gran has had this weird whistle coming from her chest. We can never make it happen when we’re at her doctor or cardiologist. But, it is happening today. So, the respiratory team is keeping a close watch to try to figure out what that is about.
I have been surrounded by guilt all day. Today was supposed to be a special mommy daughter date with Lexi Kate. We were looking forward to dressing up, going to a fancy dinner, and then to see Broadway’s Cinderella at TPAC. Well, instead I was at the ER and daddy took LK on the special date. That’s still good for her, and I am glad they had this time together. But, I know LK really wanted me to go, and dang it I can taste that Morton’s steak. Oh well, next time… And, now I am feeling guilty for leaving Gran at the hospital tonight. But, I have to take care of Sam and get the rest of my life in order for tomorrow. I have all kinds of thoughts running through my head conflicting my decision to stay or go…. but at the end of the day, I just couldn’t stay. I have to have sleep, there is nothing I could do for her, and my family needs me here.
And, right now we all just need to pause and pray for those sweet hospital nurses. She is going to wear them out with that red button. She pushed it a dozen times while I was sitting right there to help her. She kept saying, “they need to get in her and help me go to the bathroom, they need to get in here and bring me some water, they need to get in here and bring me dinner……” And, this my friends is why I won’t gripe about the hospital bill when it comes. I am going to lie to myself and say those sweet girls are getting paid all they deserve to put up with this all night.

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