Exciting Day

From November 2

Tomorrow will be an exciting day…. we have our “week home” from the hospital checkup with the GP doctor at 9, Occupational Therapy at 11, and having a tooth pulled at 2. Having the tooth pulled probably isn’t a great idea. But, it needs to come out in order for her to have any relief from pain. Due to her heart condition, and other meds she takes, Tylenol is about all she can take for pain relief. Tylenol is no match for an abscessed tooth. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in her condition it is. We had to get approval from her heart doctor for the dentist to do it. I will say I was highly impressed with Franklin Dental Care. I’ve never been there, but they could get her in on Friday, and willing to reduce their rate because they don’t take medicare insurance. Not only that, the dentist that saw her, called me on my cell phone on Saturday to check on her. Not some office worker, the dentist called me from his personal cell and specifically told me to keep his number and call if we needed anything. So, much prayers appreciated for an “uneventful” busy day.
Our time home has gone well. It seems a few days in the hospital reminds you that life at home isn’t so bad. Grandmother has had more energy and a better attitude since she got home. She even looks better. That sounds weird, but you know how you can just tell when people “look better”. The physical therapist has came twice, and the occupational therapist was here once last week. It makes me feel better having professionals around often to take an outsider’s look to make sure she is doing okay.
So, if you have a minute, pray for us tomorrow. It’ll be a busy day and it will wear grandmother out. Tired grandma is cranky grandma….. and, pray for the extraction that it goes smoothly.

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