Grandmother, you’re going to get us arrested!

Today we went to see the foot doctor…. can I just tell you that getting old sucks. But,  on the upside, medicare pays for someone to give you a “pedicure” every 9 weeks. Grandmother asks me to cut her toenails occasionally…. nope, not going to happen. If medicare will pay for it, I’m not doing it.

Anyway, I digress….. As we were on the way home, grandmother was short of breath. I asked her if she had her nitroglycerin patch on. She said, “I think so, look and see.” I explained I couldn’t look while driving. And, then she pulls her shirt up over her head, flashing the world as we drive down Lewisburg Ave, through downtown Franklin. I almost ran my car off the road. Grandmother, put your shirt down!!! That’s indecent exposure, you go to jail for that! She laughed, and said, but I need you to see if my patch is on. Again, I told her I couldn’t look while driving. To which, she said well obviously you looked at something if you knew my shirt was up! True, but it’s kinda hard to ignore that kind of thing. Yikes!!!

She leaves her shirt up looking for her patch, and I keep driving. Actually, I floored it to get past all the men walking along the side of the street this morning. Poor fellas, I pretty sure 81 year old tatas weren’t exactly what they were expecting at 10:00 this morning. Fortunately, we made it home without a speeding ticket or ticket for indecent exposure. Oh my lorty!

On a total different note, we’d appreciate your prayers for our kids. Living with a dementia patient is hard. I am constantly trying to normalize their lives and make them feel special. But, I know they feel the pains. One of our “special” treats for them are weekends away one on one. This weekend Jeff is taking Sam to Knoxville. They’ll check out of school a little early, drive up to Knoxville, swim in the indoor pool, have a fun dinner, and then of course be in football heaven on Saturday. I bought Sam an all new UT get up, including a $55 official smokey grey jersey. Can we just say that is highway robbery. Sam is a little dude, it didn’t take $3.50 worth of material to make that thing. But, to see that boy so his happy dance, was worth $250 so, it’s fine. Next weekend, I’ll be taking Lexi Kate to Atlanta for a girls weekend. I have several special things planned. You need to check out! I’ll be using these seed planting principles to have some intentional conversations with Lexi Kate about claiming who she is as a Princess of the Most High King. She’ll love getting all the presents, staying at a super fancy hotel, having a spa day, and high tea. I’ll love just talking to my daughter about who she is and where she is going in life. I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about some questions she may ask. She’s wise beyond her years, and her “why and how” questions take my breath away often…. So, pray for Jeff and I to be totally tuned in to our kids this weekend and free from distraction. And, pray for our kids hearts. That they may know that we love them more than they could imagine, and that God loves them even more than that.

We’re just normal folks living a blessed life, in a messed up world. If we can show Jesus to the world around us, especially to those in our home, we’ve had a successful day. Love and prayers my friend…..

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