Different scenery

From October 26

So, our scenery looks a little different than i anticipated today….. But, once the cardiologist comes by, we may get to head home. She’s had a blood transfusion, and looks so much better. They’ve stopped her Coumadin for now, and the GI Doctor is actually recommending a permanent stop for that. I’ll be interested in the cardiology take on that. Because of her valve and internal defibrillator, in theory she’d have to be on blood thinner forever. But, the doctors on the other end of the spectrum are saying we’re at a point of blood thinners doing more harm than good. They’re creating an internal bleed issue. Yes, without the blood thinners there’s a pretty high risk of stroke. I don’t know which would be worse. We’re at the point where things just really don’t get better. And, I mentally know that, but your heart doesn’t like to process that. And, it certainly isn’t something I want my kids to have to be eye witness to. So, we do all I know to do, we pray and trust that God’s plan rests with the doctor with the strongest will/argument for treatment plans….

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