And, we’re back to reality

Everyone keeps asking how our vacation was. There are a couple reasons I haven’t blogged about it yet. One, I’ve essentially been off work for 3 weeks, and I have been running like crazy trying to get caught up. Two, I don’t even know what to say. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words how magical the trip was. It was absolutely, perfectly, just what we needed. And, I can’t wait to do it again.

I was more than a little freaked out about going on a cruise. Confined space, middle of the ocean, motion sickness….  I did get a little motion sick a couple days, but nothing patches and dramamine couldn’t handle. I never once felt trapped or worried about being lost in the middle of the ocean. The logistics about the Disney cruise are nothing short of amazing. How they do what they do is miraculous.

Our cruise had 3 at sea days and 3 in port days. They were all amazing. So much to do and see on the ship to keep all ages entertained for weeks. The food was amazing, the shows and live music entertaining, the kids club over the top….. I could go on and on. And, what isn’t to love about Tortola, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas. This alone sums it up:


Seriously, if you don’t believe in an all powerful God after taking in the beauty of this creation, something is just wrong with you….. Our port adventures were so fun, and days we’ll never forget.

For me, this trip was all about creating time to be focused on our children and creating memories they’ll never forget. Mission accomplished times 1000. I seriously don’t know where to start telling you about the cruise. All I can say, is if there is even one fiber of one ounce of your body even remotely considering it— Don’t delay, book a trip now. You will not regret it. I mean for the love of Pete, they have WARM dry towels waiting for you when you walk back on board the ship from a port adventure after it had just started raining. And, they clean your room twice a day, and feed you 4 course meals around the clock, and offer to do your laundry. Is it worth the cost difference of other cruise lines. I can’t personally testify, because this was our first cruise. But, it was worth every penny I paid them. And, I’ll say there were several adults in the 45-70 age range that were on board the ship without kids, saying of all the cruises they’d ever taken Disney was the best in the industry. I won’t be doing any comparison shopping. I’ll cruise Disney exclusively.

About Grandma. I picked her up Sunday afternoon. We got home Saturday evening and I just needed a minute to unpack and settle before adding another element to our re-entry. She was totally fine. I pictured her being angry and mean, and just down right pissed at me for leaving her. She actually had a good time. She socialized with the residents, made friends, and “helped” the staff. She was more than ready to come home. But, she was fine that she had been there. Praise the Lord.

So, I get this post isn’t exactly what you were hoping for in details about our trip. But, it was just magical beyond words. Go experience it for yourself…. I’ve got to get back to work so I can make enough money to pay for our next trip.


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