Some days are Grandma days

I’ve found that I have started getting annoyed when Grandma asks me to do stuff for her. Maybe it’s because I’ve had a little more on my plate lately. In case you haven’t heard, I merged my real estate company with Benchmark Realty, LLC. In the long run, this will give me some more peace of mind. But, in the short term, there is a lot of stuff that just has to be taken care of. And, I’ve just been mentally over processing and making tons of checklists….

Anyway, yesterday was Grandma’s day. I didn’t go in to work. I just planned my day around taking care of some things for Grandma. Our first stop was a 9:00am cardiology appointment. For the most part, everything was perfect. It was her first, “improving” visit in months. They’re still curious as to why she can consume over 4000 calories in a day and not gain weight. She has been diagnosed as diabetic, but honestly with a few diet moderations, we’ve got those numbers more in line. She isn’t on insulin at this point. But, she eats a TON of food. For example, an average breakfast is 4 pieces of toast with butter and jelly, a bowl of cereal, and bacon/sausage/eggs. But, good news is her ticker is improving and we don’t have to go back to see her heart failure specialist or electrophysiologist for 6 months.

After those appointments it was lunch time. Remember I said Grandma likes to eat. Well, we’ve been avoiding processed foods, and especially fast food. When I told her I’d take her to Hardee’s to get a hamburger you would have thought I told her Ed McMahon and the Publisher’s Clearing house crew stopped by. She was ecstatic. This one stop alone probably bought me more “screw up” forgiveness points than anything I’ve done in the last 9 months.

After tickling her tummy, I took her to get her hair did. Let’s just say her hair is a hot mess! Since her last heart attack, something has gone bad wrong on her head. Between the hair cut and style, lip, brow, and chin wax, she was ready for the Mrs. America pageant. She kept telling everyone how pretty she looked. She thought she needed to go out dancing.

Well, instead of dancing let’s go to the podiatrist. It’s about foot work, but maybe not as much fun. This woman has some nasty feet. For the love, if Lexi Kate doesn’t take me for weekly pedicures when my feet start getting old and nasty, I will haunt her butt. Never mind a pedicure, just chop my feet off. I know I am going to have her feet, because my feet already aren’t awesome. But, I work hard to keep them from not scaring away the world, because I will be wearing flip flops at least 8 months out of the year.

By the time we finished this it was time to go home and get the kids. Grandma was pooped. I wasn’t in great shape myself. She really was much better behaved than normal.  think a lot of that was just needing to get out of the house. It has been so nasty lately, she hasn’t been able to get out. And, like my other 2 kids, she really prefers to be the only child. So, when she has me all to herself, she is much happier.

Grandma ate her dinner and went to bed. I went to work for the first time of the day. The one thing I am most grateful for about my career is the flexibility to work around my family’s needs.

I’m racking my brain for a funny story to share, but I don’t think we’ve had a good one lately. So sad, because I know that is the only reason the 3 of you read this blog. Lexi Kate starts her competition dance season next week. That adds a whole new level of excitement to our lives. Don’t expect a ton of blogging about Grandma the next few weeks, we’re just trying to keep the wheels on the ground around here.

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