My kids have officially had the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER

I struggle a little (actually a lot) with how spoiled my kids are. I want to teach them to appreciate what they have, and not be this kids who brag about all they get. I want them to be generous and realize the people around us and the love we share are what is really important when it comes to holidays. All that being said, my kids got absolutely everything they wanted for Christmas, and then some. I am still trying to wrap my head around that. And, I can just pray like crazy they bless others from their overflow.

Christmas started Monday night. My dad and stepmom came down and fixed dinner, then we exchanged gifts. They had a paper box filled with all kinds of things they’d asked for…. Glow Wubble ball, Pokemon cards, Legos, games, Scrapbook set, and a few other odds and ends. The best part was the box had a fake bottom in it. When they’d both unwrapped everything else, Grandaddy said, “Are you sure that was all? Dig deeper in the box.” LK figured it out pretty quickly. Once they dug a little deeper, they discovered an iPad Air and case. Way to pull through Grandaddy, because momma nor Santa would have done that! Their reaction was priceless.

Thursday morning we went to Jeff’s parents for Christmas Eve brunch. There the kids got a foosball table, Disney Gift cards, Math Perplexor books, Legos, Star Wars stuff, craft pillows, lip balm kit and I’m sure a couple other things that I missed in the action.

Thursday afternoon we went to Christmas Eve Service at church. This is only our second year to do a Christmas Eve Service. Our new church has a 2:00 service, making it possible to do that and still do Christmas Eve Dinner. God knew this was a new tradition my heart would need after losing mom. It’s hard to get in the Christmas Spirit, but that certainly helps.

Soon after we got home from church Papa was here. We had dinner then opened gifts with him and GranGran. The kids got Beats Solo headphones, Lego sets, Army men, Just Dance, and an Orbeez Spa.

It’s not even Christmas yet, and the kids have their lists all checked off. Seriously, iPads and Beats at 7 and 9 years old, and that was just the start of it….. But, Santa and Momma knew our little family needed more than stuff this Christmas. We need a magical experience and we need time together. So, Santa brought everyone new suitcases. Sam’s had a QB Maze set, and LK’s had the whole Math Perplexors set inside. We do three gifts for the kids. (My theory is if 3 gifts were good enough for Jesus, 3 gifts are good enough for the Woodford’s.)  LK got Ugg boots and Sam got a cool remote control car for their first gift. The second gift was a customized travel journal. LK is a pretty smart cookie, so with the suitcase and travel journal she wanted to know where we were going. The third gift did it for her, they each opened a box of customized Mickey and Minnie shirts. One had fireworks on it, one had a pirate, and one had a sailor. LK started squealing and jumping immediately, “WE’RE GOING ON A DISNEY CRUISE!!!!” Yes, we are. Next week! We had one gift for the whole family wrapped under the tree just in case the kids didn’t pick up on the hint by now. I had wrapped our cruise documents and Magic Bands. Not only are we going on a 7 night Disney cruise, we’re spending a couple days at the Magic Kingdom first. Totally over the top in terms of dollars spent. But, after the year we’ve had, something our family so desperately needs.

So, yes we were richly blessed with material gifts. But, beyond measure we’ve been blessed by a God who loves us so. We’ve walked some really hard roads over the last 3 years. But, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he has walked every single one of them with us.

Tomorrow is my little man’s 7th birthday. I can’t hardly believe it. I’ll be missing his birthday to take GranGran to a funeral in KY. She’s had a crazy afternoon. I fully believe it has been Satan trying to attack me, so I won’t even give him the glory in recounting the stories. But, just be in prayer for us tomorrow. We’re going to KY to a funeral at the same place where mom’s funeral was, that will be hard. Grandmother isn’t going to get to stay in KY, she isn’t going to be happy about that. I’m going to be ill that I am missing a moment in my son’s life. Praying God continues to order our steps, and my attitude one day at a time.

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